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Guiding nonprofits and small businesses to create and achieve their fundraising and philanthropic values and goals.

Your process with H.A. Christopherson & Associates LLC, a boutique nonprofit management and philanthropy firm, begins with active listening and collaborative planning, resulting in the implementation of your organization's values and goals. 

For nonprofits, it is critical the executive director, development staff and board of directors work together to optimize fundraising. Not there yet? Let me help. We'll solidify your internal working processes, making your external affairs and fundraising a more seamless process. Then, let's tackle your fundraising needs from planning to implementation.

Small business owners, you have a lot on your plate. You're inundated with charitable requests, and employee expectations on your corporate social responsibility efforts have increased significantly over the last decade. Let's put a framework around your philanthropic goals that engages your employees in volunteer efforts and giving, resulting in employee retention and a plan to market your community engagement. 

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